WELCOME to Dr. Royice Everett's Office

You know your body - yourself - better than anyone. When going to the doctor, you deserve a setting where you will feel comfortable. You deserve a place where your opinions matter. That place is Women's HealthCare Associates.

Receive quality care and personal attention as a patient at Women's HealthCare Associates. Expect effective counseling, as well as the latest techniques and procedures. We are committed to listen to YOUR questions and to give you straight answers.

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Yes, you read that right. When you come into our office, you will be seated at the time of your scheduled appointment. No waiting. No more longer-than-expected appointment times. You can be back to your life or work when you planned to be. One of the benefits you receive by choosing a gynecologist as opposed to an obstetrician for your regular healthcare - fewer unexpected emergency situations.

Choose Dr. Royice Everett - a trusted gynecologist by patients and medical professionals all over the country. When you choose Dr. Everett as your doctor, you will enjoy personal, professional care. If you call with a question and ask specifically to speak with Dr. Everett, Dr. Everett will contact you personally. Talk about individualized care!

Change your experience today. Receive the care you deserve. Call for your first appointment at 405.942.5593.

Hormone Pellet Therapy

Alleviate symptoms caused by the natural decrease in hormone production. Pellet Therapy uses hormones derived from natural plant sources to replicate the body's normal hormonal levels. BioTE pellet injections can last up to six months.

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